Wills and Estate Law

As your family life evolves, so too should your estate planning. I am here to help you with that process so that you can focus on what is important to plan for now and for your immediate future, and what you can focus on down the road.

Jacquie Knowles has been helping people devise their Wills and Powers of Attorney for more than 27 years. Believing that every adult with assets should have such documents in place, Knowles and her team are dedicated to ensuring people properly plan for the future.

Despite popular belief, Estate Planning isn’t a task that should strictly be saved for our older years. Since life doesn’t always travel in a straight line, it’s important to prepare for the unexpected.

If you and your spouse have young children, Wills need to be in place to outline who will act as the Guardians and Estate Trustees for them if something dire were to happen to you. What’s more, it’s equally crucial to set up a proper testamentary trust to provide for your children’s ongoing support and education.

Powers of Attorney, meanwhile, are designed to protect your best interests in the event of a trauma that doesn’t result in death, but leaves you mentally unable to make your own medical or financial decisions. Failing to have this in place could result in a lengthy, complicated court process for your loved ones.

First Appointment (1 Hour)

  • Gathering of a client’s personal information
  • Obtaining dates of birth for a client’s family members
  • Determining a list of the client’s personal assets
  • A client provides instructions related to his or her Wills and Power of Attorney

Second Appointment (Performed During Office Hours)

  • A Personal Data Sheet form can be filled out to further simplify this process
  • Clients sign Will and Powers of Attorney paperwork
  • Signing requires two witnesses. Jacquie Knowles and one of her staff members will serve as these witnesses