What A Commercial Real Estate Lawyer in Mississauga Can Do for You

Real Estate Law / May 22, 2019

Whenever considering any sort of commercial or industrial land deal in the Mississauga area, you should always consult with a qualified commercial real estate lawyer.  Strictly speaking, you are not legally required to have a lawyer – but it will save you plenty of trouble and help guarantee the deal goes smoothly.

The benefits of hiring a Mississauga commercial real estate lawyer are so numerous that there really is no reason to ever try to handle a land deal by yourself.

Why You Want A Commercial Real Estate Lawyer in Mississauga By Your Side

  1. Knowledge of local laws and regulations

Even if someone is familiar with real estate law at the Province level, chances are they would not know the specifics of local laws in the Mississauga area.  Having a commercial real estate lawyer on your side is an excellent way to avoid zoning violations or numerous other issues which can come up.

  1. Improved contract negotiations

A good lawyer is always going to be one of your best weapons when it comes to negotiating contracts.  Their deep knowledge of the law will give them an advantage, and more ways of applying leverage.  Plus, there is a good chance that the other side will have their own lawyers, which would put you at a distinct disadvantage if you were representing yourself.

  1. Vetting and evaluating contracts 

Real estate deals can be extremely complicated, and in such a tightly regulated industry, even minor errors or honest mistakes can cause a legal breach.  Usually, this will be enough to sink the entire deal.  You want a Mississauga commercial real estate lawyer who can go through the contract carefully, looking out for any irregularities that might cause issues.

  1. Obtaining favorable mortgage terms

Another area where a commercial real estate lawyer can save you money is in finding a mortgage and negotiating the interest rates.  Lenders are obviously going to be doing whatever they can to increase the return on the loan, but a good lawyer can often find arguments to keep your rates low.  Or, they may know of incentive programs and other bonuses which will reduce your costs!

JMK Law Puts Clients First

We are focused on delivering excellent legal representation, at fair prices, while always acting strictly in our clients’ best interests.  Before you make a commercial real estate deal, contact JMK Law for a consultation!