Why Your Mississauga Small Business Needs A Business Lawyer

Business Law / April 22, 2019

Anyone starting up a small business in Mississauga needs to weigh their budget carefully and, most of the time, they are going to have to make very hard choices involving what they want vs what they can afford.  Too often, a startup decides that they can’t afford a Mississauga small business lawyer – but that can ultimately be a very costly mistake.

Small business lawyers don’t cost as much as many businesses assume, and they can prevent numerous problems that would directly endanger a startup.  From adhering to regulations to preventing frivolous lawsuits, a lawyer will quickly pay for themselves in terms of problems avoided!

Why Even Startups and Small Businesses Need Legal Representation

  1. Adhering to unfamiliar regulations

Most small business owners and startups tend to greatly underestimate how many regulations and laws they will be expected to follow.  Nothing in their everyday private life is likely to have prepared them for the mass of statutes which govern every type and form of business in Canada.  A sufficiently tiny business might escape regulatory notice for a while, but sooner or later, if they are outside the law they will be found out.

Very often, having an experienced lawyer is what makes the difference between a startup succeeding, or finding itself mired in legal troubles.

  1. Keeping up with changing consumer protection laws

With the digital revolution continuing to reshape our society, consumer protection laws are constantly in flux.  Every year seems to bring new regulations on data-handling, breach notification, and other matters that weren’t even concerns a generation ago.  Few small business owners have enough time in the day to follow such matters and keep up with changes in regulations which affect them.

This is another scenario where it pays to have a lawyer on your team.  Keeping up with changing laws is part of their job and, being familiar with your business, they’ll know when a new regulation is likely to affect your operation.

  1. Handling difficult employee or customer situations

Sad to say, but we do live in a litigious-minded society.  If someone feels wronged by their workplace, or by a business they patronize, they will very often turn to the court system to pursue their grievance.  For a small business without representation, this can be disastrous.

Sure, a business can hire a lawyer once a lawsuit is initiated – but at that point, fighting the suit is already guaranteed to be costly.  Prevention is what will save you money, and that’s exactly what a good Mississauga small business lawyer can provide.

  1. Spotting opportunities

Finally, don’t overlook the other side of the coin – what if your business is the one which is wronged?  What if you didn’t even know you were being wronged, due to a lack of legal knowledge?  This isn’t a concern with a lawyer on your side, constantly looking out for you.

JMK Law Barristers & Solicitors have extensive experience in small business law and regulations. Don’t be caught off guard.  Contact us to discuss your options.